Glass Projects

Here is where I will up date my current glass projects that I have in the shoppe.

Starting on a new wedding present
The beginnings of 'FAMILY'

and by the end of the long weekend ... I made it to here.

Using green purple and teal opal. The background is in purple English Muffle.
Copper foil.

Just a bit more


So I was given a repair to work on ...
a cute little stork with baby.  The blanket was all cracked as well as one of the legs.  I was able to fix the leg but the blanket needed to be totally replaced.

Here is the finish ...

June 2013
Currently in the shop ...
So this is what I'm currently working on in my glass shop. It's a wedding present for an amazing couple who I've know since they were little kids.  My how time flies!!  I love how this is coming along.
It is titled ...



Can't wait for the project to finish.  Currently it's just way to cold to get in the shop with the temps below freezing.  But, soon I hope ... we can see completion.