Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Daubers to the rescue

So, I was in need of all new daubers for my inks.  What I had were becoming worn quickly.  I decided to go with something I found on Pinterest and make them out of PVC.  I had the pipe already and I had the cutter already. All I needed were the make up sponges.  So today at lunch I ventured out to the dollar store and grabbed 2 packages of sponges.  I grabbed my goods and headed to my table and in 15 minutes I had 22 daubers in hand and enough materials to make even more.  All for $2.

Why didn't I do this ages ago.  I could have saved so much time and money.  And they're so easy to replace if they're spent.  Just take out the old and put in a new.  
Ok time to get busy, I need birthday cards bad.  

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